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Using uic files in headers

  • I have cross posted this in c++ (but I was told I posted to the wrong group) so I'm posting here (I didn't know how to move it).
    First I’m a noob and I’m not sure I’m in the right forum – sorry if I’m wrong.

    I have reviewed several tutorials and I’m now attempting to compile xTuples ‘openrpt’. In the code there are several places (in header files) that use files created from ‘uic’ i.e in login.h there is an include “#include “tmp/ui_login.h”. When I run build it fails to find the file. The file exist and I don’t understand why build fails on the file. That said the real question is:
    I see this as some sort of trick (at least not covered in my tutorials). A header file that uses “ui_filename.h” that does not exist until ‘uic’ is run. Is this a normal way to deal with UI files?

    BTW if you can help with the compile that would be great!

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