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Change the GUI in designer but changes not applied

  • I change the gui in Qt Designer but when i rebuild these changes does not take any effect.!
    I am using Qt 5 on Windows 7.
    How can i fix that ?

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    Remove ui_youfilename.h files created by UIC. Then rebuild your project.

  • i have done this before and no result. even if i delete the .ui file and rebuild the program still shows the dialog window.

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    Well. If you delete the .ui file and the project works, it means you are not using that file at all...

    Make sure your .pro file is correct. Clean the project, run qmake, rebuild it.

  • I have cleaned , run qmake and rebuild but no luck. How can i ensure that the .pro is correct? what is the identically configuration for this issue?
    I have just note that when i delete the ui_filename.h i get the following error .
    :-1: error: No rule to make target '../ui_menuselectport.h', needed by 'debug/menuselectport.o'. Stop.

    previously i have deleted the ui_filename.h which was on the /debug path.
    Could this help ?

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    Open the .pro file and take a good look at it. Delete all ui_*.h files in your project directory and build directories. Maybe you have deleted the one in debug, but you are building in release?

  • i am building in debug. the problem is the the ui_*.h are not generated from filename.ui. how can i solve that ? what do you mean take a good look at it..?

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    Check if it contains:
    FORMS += filename.ui

    Along with other things like verifying the DESTDIR, UIC_DIR etc. variables.

  • i don't know how but it seems that works now.,. i think by accident,..
    I want sometime to figure out what happened and inform the people in the forum because it is really annoying

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