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QML Drag 'delay'

  • Hello

    I've just noticed a strange effect. I have a rectangle that I would like to move. The problem is that when I click on it and move mouse, first 5-7 pixels (apparently the size of my cursor) just my cursor is moved and only after that the rectangle itself is moving. May be someone came across with such issue previously?

    Thanks a lot,

  • The "delay" is intentional. It is basically a threshold used by the flickable and drag and drop support in order to determine if the drag is really deliberate or not. Unfortunately in many cases it is not optimal.

    The workaround for now is unfortunately to avoid using drag and directly work with onPositionChanged in MouseArea. But I posted a patch for 5.2 (,63586) which introduces "drag.threshold" as a property of MouseArea in order to override it.

  • Jens, thanks a lot for the clarification

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