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[solved] QtCreator API open contextHelp from plugin

  • Hi there,

    I want to open the sideBySide context help from within a plugin that I write.
    At the moment I use
    However, this opens the HelpMode.
    As I want top open the sidebyside view and I did not find anything that looks promising in the HelpManager I was wondering whether
    @void HelpPlugin::activateContext();@
    would be the way to go.

    Do you have any hints on what I have to do to open the side-by-side context help view from within plugin code?


  • Eike Ziller answered me on the qtcreator mailinglist:

    "Looks like the welcome page uses handleHelpRequest(url + QLatin1String("?view=split")) to achieve that effect."

    This did the trick for me!


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