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RTC of AM335x is not Updated with QProcess Class

  • I have made one application in which i have to update my system date and time:
    Qt 5.0.1
    Linux Environment

    when i am working with Ubuntu 12.04 and after running application as i press pushbutton date and time is updated on system and after restart of PC it shows updated date and time;

    but the same application when i run on my AM335x device with linux environment:
    After pressing pushbutton it shows updated date and time as required but when i restart my device it show previous data i.e : date time that might be store in SDK files or AM335x system files

    My Question is how to update Date and Time Values in AM335x based device system files.


  • Is the AM335x part of a BeagleBone system? If so, I think you'll find that, as the BB doesn't have a hardware clock source, the system time is probably set via "NTP": on boot and is therefore probably overwriting/ignoring your changes.

    As this is is more of a system/OS question you might get more luck on one of the BB/embedded linux forums.

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