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MacOSX QML deployment problem

  • Hi,

    I try to deploy (put Qt libs inside the app bundle) a QML application for MacOSX. I used macdeployqt with Qt 5.1.1 but it doesn't seams to deploy everything (the error says that it cant import de module QtQuick).

    I still need to put qml/QtQuick and qml/QtQuick.2 next to the binary to correct the error.

    But if i do that, i end up with a segfault.
    I don't understand how a lib location issue can segfault an app. I expect at least an error message.

    Did i do something wrong?

  • You did everything fine, the tool is still broken also tested it. A workaround for the problem you can find "here.":

    Unfortunately they didn't use the patch for the newest version......



  • I understand that macdeployqt doesn't deploy everything.
    What i dont understand is the segfault when i copy qml/QtQuick and qml/QtQuick.2 myself.
    I retried with and empty QML project and it also segfault.

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