Install Qt5 under 500mb

  • I have an old PC that runs Ubuntu Lucid (32bit) and it has only 500mb of disk space left (I can't free up more). I want to install Qt libraries, headers and qmake, I'm not interested in all the extra stuff (documentation, QTCreator, designer, assistant, etc). I just want to get a Qt5-based application compiled and running.

    I can't find any PPA repositories with the Qt 5, or at least not for Lucid. I've tried the installer, but it doesn't allow me to disable the non-essential stuff. I only need Core, Gui, Widgets, Sql and Network modules. All-in-all the installation would be 1.2GB. I've also tried to compile it from source, but even for that, there isn't enough disk space.

    Any help on how I can get the modules and qmake I need without using more than 500mb of space?

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