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Building my application statically - problem with command 'configure -static'

  • Hi, i need to build my application statically however when i run 'Qt 5.1.0 for Desktop (MinGW 4.8 32 bit)'
    from the start menu and enter the command 'configure -static'
    i get the error message 'configure' is not recognized as an internal or external command..

    any help please? or does anyone know of a decent tutorial for deploying a application using Qt 5.1.0

    Regards, Tim.

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    From the command prompt goto (cd) to the directory where you have extracted the source and there enter the command ‘configure -static’

    There are lots of threads in this forums related to compiling.

  • It seems that you are using Windows so you can also add Qt installation directory to the global path of the environment variables.

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