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Draw a GraphicsItem when hovering over a QPushButton

  • I want to draw a Graphical Item i.e not a new window, when the user hovers over a QPushButton (which is contained in a standard widget) and disappears when they move the mouse away from it....basically an advanced tooltip, that will display graphics and / or series of widgets...I am keener on some sort on GraphicsItem as I will be able to make it look nicer.

    There will a number of buttons, and I want the same Graphical Item to appear next to each i.e. moving the graphical item around, rather than recreating it each item.

    I have successfully written the code to identify when these events occur, but am now stuck about the best way to achieve the actual "tooltip".

    private slots:
    void tooltip() ;
    void leftTooltip() ;

    void Test::tooltip()

    TestButton testButton = qobject_cast<TestButton>(sender());

    if (m_tooltip == 0) // check if first time, and if so create the tooltipWidget
    AdvancedToolTip = createAdvancedToolTipWidget() ;

    // set advanced tool tip text & label values
    // ................


    void Test::leftTooltip()
    AdvancedToolTip ->setVisible(false) ;

    void Test::createAdvancedToolTipWidget() {

    // ????????



  • bq. I want to draw a Graphical Item i.e not a new window

    Do you mean QGraphicsItem? You could simple use a QWidget/QFrame

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