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QtQuick controls for BB and Android

  • Hi

    Anyone tried to run applications, using QtQuick controls on BB10 and Android? How to deploy QtQuick controls on the platforms?


  • Hello,
    Actually I didn't use QtQuick controls especially, but QtQuick elements (like Rectangle, MouseArea, etc. ) and all what I needed to do is to go to project properties, under "Run" options, and then "Package configurations", and check the "Qt5Quick" library in the "Required Qt libraries" field.

    It is working well both on emulator and on the device (Galaxy S3). It's also important to target the good Android version in the option "Android Target SDK". First time I compiled with API17, when my phone was only at version 4.1 of Android (API 16), so it was not working.

    About BlackBerry I don't know... Never used..

    Hope this help

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