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(solved) changing the properties (fonts) of the terminal window

  • I know this probably sounds like a trivial issue, but the default terminal settings are too small for me. I see that when I run an app from Creator, it runs a program called qtcreator_process_stub.exe. Presumably this program launches the command prompt.

    My default command prompt uses large fonts, but it appears that Creator is either overriding them or using a different terminal program. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    When you run your program you can right click on the console title bar, select properties and change the font size (or other properties) in the font tab. It will be remembered for the future sessions.

  • Thanks, Chris. Is Qt running a different console prompt program than my default?

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    Well in Windows any console program is the console prompt program, taking only arbitrary input and giving specific output. If you think about cmd (I assume by "default" you mean this?) it's just another program like that, that takes some commands and prints their output. In this sense qtcreator_process_stub is something similar, though yes, a separate program.
    Anyway, Windows holds console "look and feel" tied to each separate executable, so you can have separate settings for cmd.exe, qtcreator_process_stub.exe or any your_console_app.exe or even two executables with the same names in different locations.

  • That makes sense...thanks for the explanation, Chris.

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