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Launching another Qt app while using QWS

  • I am using Qt 4.8 embedded on a arm device. I can launch one app with the -qws option and with the keyboard set as an environment variable. This app I launch is a desktop app with a grid of icons that wne selected I launch via QProcess. Whan I start QProcess I give it the app name with no qws option.

    Now somtimes the second window gets the keyboard focus sometimes it doesn't it is like a race condion. How can I make usre the second window always gets the keyboard focus ?

    In the main process I do register a slot for the signal QWSServer::windowEvent() signal. And right now just do a qDebug there. Maybe there is a way to set the keyboard foucs here, but not sure how.

    Anyhelp much appreciated.

    Thank you

  • QWidget::setFocusPolicy() function affects click-to-focus.

  • Vittal - thanks for the reply. Not sure if this helps me as I do not have a mouse or touch screen, but only a key pad. Furhtermore not sure how setFocusPolicy helps as each widget is in its own event loop, as they are in their own process.

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