CDB Debugger crashes on startup

  • I'm having a problem where CDB will crash as soon as I try to debug my application. This is not just project-specific: it happened on one of my large-ish projects as well as a test console application I made. Applications run normally if not being debugged.

    The debug log is as follows. It doesn't seem to list the exit code of the application.

    @sStarting debugger "CdbEngine" for ABI "x86-windows-msvc2012-pe-64bit"...
    dStart parameters: 'app' mode: 1
    dABI: x86-windows-msvc2012-pe-64bit
    dLanguages: c++
    dExecutable: C:\Users\Jonathan\Documents\cpp\Crowbar\build-Crowbar-Desktop_Qt_5_1_0_MSVC2012_OpenGL_64bit-Debug\app\debug\Crowbar.exe
    dDirectory: C:\Users\Jonathan\Documents\cpp\Crowbar\build-Crowbar-Desktop_Qt_5_1_0_MSVC2012_OpenGL_64bit-Debug\app
    dDebugger: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64\cdb.exe
    dProject: C:\Users\Jonathan\Documents\cpp\Crowbar\Crowbar (built: C:\Users\Jonathan\Documents\cpp\Crowbar\build-Crowbar-Desktop_Qt_5_1_0_MSVC2012_OpenGL_64bit-Debug)
    dQML server:
    dRemote: :0
    dDebug Source Location:
    dSymbol file:
    dDumper libraries: C:\Qt\Qt5.1.0\5.1.0\msvc2012_64_opengl\qtc-debugging-helper\ C:\Qt\Qt5.1.0\Tools\QtCreator\qtc-debugging-helper\1165922100\ C:\Users\Jonathan\AppData\Local\QtProject\QtCreator\qtc-debugging-helper\1165922100
    dDebugger settings:
    dCloseBuffersOnExit: false (default: false)
    dBreakpointsFullPath: false (default: false)
    dSwitchModeOnExit: false (default: false)
    dUseAddressInStackView: false (default: false)
    dUseAddressInBreakpointsView: false (default: false)
    dLoadGdbInit: true (default: true)
    dRegisterForPostMortem: false (default: false)
    dUseToolTipsInLocalsView: false (default: false)
    dUseToolTips: false (default: false)
    dUseToolTipsInBreakpointsView: false (default: false)
    dUseDynamicType: true (default: true)
    dAutoEnrichParameters: true (default: true)
    dWarnOnReleaseBuilds: true (default: true)
    dTargetAsync: false (default: false)
    dGdbStartupCommands: (default: )
    dAttemptQuickStart: false (default: false)
    dWatchdogTimeout: 20 (default: 20)
    dGdbPostAttachCommands: (default: )
    dAlwaysAdjustStackColumnWidths: false (default: false)
    dShowQtNamespace: true (default: true)
    dShowStandardNamespace: true (default: true)
    dIntelFlavor: false (default: false)
    dMultiInferior: false (default: false)
    dMaximalStackDepth: 20 (default: 20)
    dSkipKnownFrames: false (default: false)
    dListSourceFiles: false (default: false)
    dEnableReverseDebugging: false (default: false)
    dAutoDerefPointers: true (default: true)
    dSortStructMembers: true (default: true)
    dMaximalStringLength: 10000 (default: 10000)
    dAlwaysAdjustLocalsColumnWidths: false (default: false)
    dSelectedPluginBreakpointsPattern: .* (default: .)
    dNoPluginBreakpoints: false (default: false)
    dBreakOnCatch: false (default: false)
    dBreakOnThrow: false (default: false)
    dSelectedPluginBreakpoints: false (default: false)
    dAllPluginBreakpoints: true (default: true)
    dAlwaysAdjustBreakpointsColumnWidths: false (default: false)
    dAdjustBreakpointLocations: true (default: true)
    dAlwaysAdjustThreadsColumnWidths: false (default: false)
    dAlwaysAdjustSnapshotsColumnWidths: false (default: false)
    dShowQmlObjectTree: true (default: true)
    dAlwaysAdjustModulesColumnWidths: false (default: false)
    dBreakOnFatal: false (default: false)
    dBreakOnWarning: false (default: false)
    dAlwaysAdjustRegistersColumnWidths: false (default: false)
    dBreakOnAbort: false (default: false)
    dAutoQuit: false (default: false)
    dVerboseLog: false (default: false)
    dLogTimeStamps: false (default: false)
    dUseAlternatingRowColours: false (default: false)
    dUseMessageBoxForSignals: true (default: true)
    dFontSizeFollowsEditor: false (default: false)
    dQmlInspector.FromQml: false (default: false)
    dUseDebuggingHelper: true (default: true)
    dQmlInspector.ShowAppOnTop: false (default: false)
    dRaiseOnInterrupt: true (default: true)
    dShowThreadNames: false (default: false)
    dUseCodeModel: true (default: true)
    dState changed from DebuggerNotReady(0) to EngineSetupRequested(1) [master]
    Launching C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64\cdb.exe -aqtcreatorcdbext.dll -lines -G -c .idle_cmd !qtcreatorcdbext.idle -y symsrv
    symsrv.dllC:\Users\Jonathan\AppData\Local\Temp\symbolcache -debug C:\Users\Jonathan\Documents\cpp\Crowbar\build-Crowbar-Desktop_Qt_5_1_0_MSVC2012_OpenGL_64bit-Debug\app\debug\Crowbar.exe
    using C:\Qt\Qt5.1.0\Tools\QtCreator\lib\qtcreatorcdbext64\qtcreatorcdbext.dll of 02/07/2013 18:59:03.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64\cdb.exe running as 38764

    eERROR: Process crashed
    eERROR: CDB crashed
    dState changed BY FORCE from EngineSetupRequested(1) to EngineShutdownOk(22) [master]
    dState changed from EngineShutdownOk(22) to DebuggerFinished(23) [master]
    sDebugger finished.@

    The application output just says:

    Debugging starts
    Debugging has finished

    I have reinstalled Qt Creator and repaired the Windows SDK but to no effect. I was able to debug applications previously but hadn't changed anything (to my knowledge) to cause the debugger to fail.

  • Can you run a small example that comes with Qt and confirm that even there the debugger is crashing?

    Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64
    Can you find any thing there. Have you installed the debugging tools for windows? Have you installed the correct version(32 bit) of it?

  • I ran examples/uitools and the same thing happened. I've checked the folders and have CDB for both x86 and x64.

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