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[Qt Creator] How to *not* require user to "Configure Project" on open Qt project ( *.pro) file before building?

  • Under Qt5.1 Windows, opening a Qt project ( *.pro) in Qt Creator 2.7.2 requires user to first "Configure Project" before he can build. Is there a way to disable this Qt Creator 2.7.2 behavior and default to a configuration using the default kit? Or perhaps a way to assign qmake variables in the Qt project ( *.pro) to pre-configure project?

    I guess I am trying to reproduce our Qt4 Linux environment where only the Qt project ( *.pro) was version controlled and not the *.user file. Any developer could check-out source from version control and open the Qt project ( *.pro) in Qt Creator and build.

    Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions,

    Qt 5.1.0 x32
    Qt 5.1.0 x64
    Win7 x64

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    Not that I know of. You can submit a feature request at

    The .pro.user file is definitely NOT meant to be version controlled. It is a file that records settings for your local computer only -- Qt Creator will give you a warning if you load a .pro.user file that was created on another computer.

    It should take only 3 seconds to uncheck any kits that you don't want, and click the "Configure Project" button. This only needs to be done once per project per PC -- you don't have to reconfigure if you update your source code.

    Also, kits were introduced in Qt Creator 2.6, which was released in the era of Qt 4.8.3; it is not related to Qt 5.

  • Thank you for your informative reply.

    I agree that it takes an experienced Qt developer familiar with a particular Qt project maybe 3 seconds to configure. For developers new to a project or developers not necessarily experienced with Qt Creator it confuses them and takes much longer than 3 seconds to learn how to configure a project.

    While I think kits are great, especially for cross platform development, I prefer the pre-kit behavior of opening a Qt project or a method of automatically selecting a default kit configuration. I may submit a feature request for something like this.

    Thanks again,

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