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Qt mobile android and ubuntu desktop

  • hello.
    I would create an ifc( an architectural format) viewer, and show some dialogs, i would that this project works under windows 7 , ubuntu 12 and android.
    Is possible create a c++ project that uses opengl es 2.0 with qt creator under ubuntu or win 7?
    And is easy convert it for android?
    I can work in c++ in windows or linux.
    I wish use qt creator and qt, but with the android support.
    Qt creator can show the result of the importer program in a "virtual tablet"?
    what qt creator i must install?
    and what qt version i must use?
    And for the desktop support of opengl es 2.0 under win and linux , is possible?
    sorry, but i'm tryed to read the documentation but i'm not understand at all.
    there is a tutorial?

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