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  • hello.
    I would migrate from win 7 visual studio 2012 to linux qt creator.
    I would create a library first and for that i'm used to create subproject that are .dll under win 7 and for each project i have post build event that copies all the .h from the dir of the subproject to a common include folder.
    And the dlls are creates in a specific folder
    Then when I writing the project i must import the .dll files and include the include directory with all the .h.
    There is some documentation for create a makefile(i think that this is all that i need)?
    and for the dll and the equivalent under linux, .lib files and g++ compiler what i should read?
    I need to some information on linux for writing c++ projects .
    there is a book or some other documentation online?

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    Unless you have windows specific stuff, you only need your project files. Open the .pro with QtCreator and you can start coding and compiling.

    The qmake manual from Qt's documentation is a good source of information.

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