Where/how to share my program?

  • I wrote a QT application to convert images to PADS format. Pads is a Printed Circuit Board development program. I have two issues:
    A/ I want to make the code public so others can maintain/improve it. Where/how is the best way?
    B/ For some reason I can open all kind of images at home but when I send the executable out + DLL others complained that it supports some images but not as many as for me. e.g. tif works for me bot not others.

    I have mostly written QT using 3.3.8 but this was my first time using QT4.

  • Are you familiar with version control and especially with Git ???

    If not, the first step would be to start reading here:
    "Pro Git book":http://git-scm.com/book/en


    There are many web-sites that offer free "public" Git hosting.

    Here are some of the popular ones:

    • Github
    • Bitbucket
    • Google Code
    • Gitorious

  • CVS and Perforce. I am totally new to putting a project on line and I will read up in github as that is the name I have encountered most.
    I have not used GIT yet but I have lots of colleagues who do.
    I will ask them .

  • CVS is like the "stone age" of version control ;-)

    I can only recommend you try out Git. It's very fast and very flexible. Most OpenSource projects use Git nowadays. For example, Linux as well as Qt are developed using Git. And, as said before, you can get free hosting easily.

  • bq. CVS is like the “stone age” of version control ;-)

    That shows how old I am!

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