How to change menu's icon's size

  • i want to change menu's icon's size to 32*32, how to do it .

  • If you are using QToolBar, it has a iconSize property. For menu, though, refer "link here":

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    AFAIK QMenu only gets it's icon size from the style it has set.
    So you would need to subclass "QProxyStyle": and reimplement pixelMetric() method:

    Something like this:
    class MyProxyStyle : public QProxyStyle
    int pixelMetric(PixelMetric metric, const QStyleOption * option = 0, const QWidget * widget = 0 ) const
    if (metric == QStyle::PM_SmallIconSize)
    return 32;
    return QProxyStyle::pixelMetric(metric, option, widget);
    Haven't tried it though.

    Please also note the hint in the docs:
    Warning: The common styles provided by Qt will respect this hint, because they call QStyle::proxy(), but there is no guarantee that QStyle::proxy() will be called for user defined or system controlled styles. It would not work on a Mac, for example, where menus are handled by the operating system.

  • thank you .i try it

  • ya,i try your can change icon's size,but when icon's size get big,the QMenu'icon can covered QMenu's text,how to set space
    between icon and text.
    i find a stylesheet's code ,QMenu::item { padding: xx xx xx xx;},it can change space bewteen icon and text. it can use code instead of stylesheet?

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