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Symbian - How to get a still from a video to be uploaded to server for thumbnail view

  • Hi,

    This is for symbian qt based phones.

    I have to upload a video to server and while the upload is in progress, need to show a still from the video as thumbnail. Can somebody help in this plz?


  • It would be easier for someone to help if you told explicitly what is the part in the long description that you need help in:

    • Everything?
    • How to do something while something else is done?
    • How to upload something to a server?
    • How to do something while uploading?
    • How to extract a still image from a video file?
    • How to show a still image?
    • How to create a thumbnail?
    • Etc...

    (Usually it makes sense to ask only the thing that you need help in, so people don't need to for example start wondering about the upload process if the person knows how to do that.)

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