Do Qt's network operations support constant streaming of data?

  • I'd like to use Qt to get streaming data from a Trading Brokerage.

    I'm using KQPAuth library, but it's unclear if Qt's NetworkManager will allow me to make an authenticated request(this it will do) and then just leave the socket open for constant streaming data based on my one request(Can I do this?).

    This is an issue apart from the KQPAuth library.

    Apparently, TradeKing brokerage will give me the ConsumerKey, ConsumerSecretKey, ACCESS_TOKEN, and ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET outside of any network requests.

    All I have to do is send 1 authenticated request for specific stock data, and then leave the connection/socket open and just monitor all data coming to me in a never-ending stream.

    The real question is whether or not the NetworkManager supports Not closing a steam after 1 reply is received.

    I'd like to use the signal/slot paradigm to notify whenever a new "chunk" of data comes through the stream.

    If I can do this, then how?

  • I am assuming your "1 authenticated request" is an HTTP GET or POST. If the server never closes the connection and you don't close the QNetworkReply object then the connection stays open. Any additional data sent by the server will cause additional readyRead() signals from the QNetworkReply object.

    If the request is not an HTTP transaction then QTcpSocket may be more appropriate.

    I have no idea what a KQPAuth library is (even Google doesn't) or what it might have to do with anything.

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