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Switching View multiple times between C++/QML

  • I'm using Qt 5.0.2 ( same issues when i tried with Qt 5.1) on an embedded linux (ATV1100B) with EGLFS.

    My project are switching constantly between a QML apps which is the base of the project (main menu, ...) and a QWebView in C++ ( easier to catch some signals like microfocus in the c++ implementation rather than the qml one).

    after some switching ( or sometimes, after the first one), the QML view simply don't work anymore, the display is bugged (some pics are not showing, the screen is flickering, ...) and the state of the QML is broken ( for example, the menu is show on the screen when he is in a hide state).

    I tried to:

    • set/reset properly the focus/visible/enabled state of the QML objects at each reshowing.
      -reloading the QML using setSource() each time.
      -repaint the QML objects using update() before showing the view.


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