How can I use glGenSamplers in OpenGL version 3.2 ?

  • As stated in OpenGL reference webpage, glGenSamplers is first provided in the version 3.3. but how it can be used through the version 3.2 in Qt5.

  • Hi,

    If your OpenGL implementation supports it there are extension classes that can help you here. They are in a new static module called QtOpenGLExtensions. To enable this add:

    QT += openglextensions

    to your .pro file. Then, once you have your OpenGL 3.2 context instantiate a suitable extension class and initialize it with something like:

    QOpenGLExtension_ARB_sampler_objects* ext = new QOpenGL_ARB_sampler_objects;
    if (!ext->initializeOpenGLFunctions())
    qWarning() << "Could not resolve sampler function pointers";

    Then use the functions as needed:

    GLuint m_samplerId;
    ext->glGenSamplers(1, &m_samplerId);

    I'm also hoping to add QOpenGLSampler and QpenGLTexture to Qt 5.2.

  • Note however, that OS X doesn't support sampler objects until OS X Mavericks is released.

  • Thank you ZapB.

    Now Im using OS X and I am going to implement it with the old-fashioned style by following codes

    @// Bind the texture
    m_funcs->glActiveTexture( GL_TEXTURE0);

        // Associate with sampler uniform in shader
        QString samplerName = sampler->getSamplerNameInShaderProgram();
        GLuint samplerLoc = m_shader_program->uniformLocation(samplerName);
        m_shader_program->setUniformValue(samplerLoc, unit);@

    Do you think it will work?

  • Oh sorry I thought you meant OpenGL sampler objects but you actually mean GLSL texture sampler opaque types. Yes that should work fine.

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