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Dll files for qt exe application are very big. So WHat to do in this case?

  • I am learning Qt.
    and nowadays i wrote a simple calculator program.
    size of calculator less than 1MB.
    But to run this program in other computers(Windows)
    i need to copy with this file some dll files such as

    • Qt5Cored.dll
    • Qt5Guid.dll
    • Qt5Widgets.dll
    • Qt5Widgetsd.dll
    • etc.
      And total size of this dll files more than 300 MB.
      So does it mean that every time when i write new program in qt/c++
      i have to copy 300 MB files to destination computer?
      Is there another correct way to do this?

    I heard VLC, VirtualBox and some other programs use Qt.
    But i checked Source folders of that applications,
    the size of that application folders are not so big.
    And there are not all of these dll files.

    So how do they solve this?

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    No they are not, and specially not the debug version of the dlls.

    Have a look at the "deployment documentation": to see what you need to provide with your application

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