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  • Does Qt support C++11? if not, when should we expect Qt to support it?

    Thanks in advance

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    You'll have to be more specific, which version of Qt ?

    If you mean Qt 5, a quick google search gives you "this": and "that":

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    C++11 is still a moving target for large libraries like Qt because of varying implementation status on different compilers and platforms, but a lot is done already and Qt5 has some nifty C++11 features.

    On top of what SGaist posted there's more recent "talk by Thiago Macieira": Very insightful.

  • Yes, sorry, I was not clear enough. I am using Qt 5 on Win 7. The most appropriate question, I guess, would be... Can I use 'Windows Qt 5' with a newer c++ compiler version?. Just like Qt has been working on the porting of its code to C++11, so have been a lot of developer, I being one of them. There is one application that I am working on that will soon need a UI, and I have my eyes set on WinQt. However, should WinQt not be ready for C++11 I will start preparing for the app with another UI.
    I have looked at Embarcadero, and boy do that RAD feels powerful!!! It feels even more robust than VS10/12/13. But the price tag on that RAD is really, really, really robust too. So robust I feel I cannot afford it. Qt's price is affordable and its RAD is, is... well, it is second to none.

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    Did you visit the links that SGaist and Chris gave you? They discuss C++11 features extensively, especially the article.

    Qt 5 already makes use of C++11 in its code -- some Qt 5 features are even unavailable to developers who use non-C++11 compilers.

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