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QtWayland + Qt5.0.2 + Wayland 1.0.4: Trying to get it working on Fedora17

  • Hello All --

    I'm trying to get QtWayland working on an embedded system based on Fedora17. It has Qt5.0.2 and Wayland/Weston 1.0.4. Unfort. updating either is not an option at this point in time.

    If I try working with current branch of QtWayland:
    git clone git://

    and I perform a qmake I get:
    Project ERROR: QtWayland requires Wayland 1.1.0 or higher

    If I try working with an older branch of QtWayland:
    git clone git:// qtwayland-0.85 -b 0.85

    qmake succeeds, but the gmake fails with:
    Project ERROR: PLUGIN_TYPE (plugins/ subdirectory) needs to be defined.

    Is there a way to fix my issue with the QtWayland 0.85 branch? (E.g., by setting an environment variable, etc.)

    Or is there a another tag I should be using, or commit point on stable, that I should be using to get QtWayland working with Qt5.0.2 and Wayland 1.0.4?

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