QXcbConnection: XCB error: 165 (Unknown)...

  • I have be struggling with this error showing up on my system after upgrading the qtlibs from qt4 to qt5. I am running Ubuntu Server 12.04. My qt4 applications run fine, but any qt5 applications were not running and getting the following error:

    QXcbConnection: XCB error: 165 (Unknown), sequence: 148, resource id: 0, major code: 149 (Unknown), minor code: 20

    After lots of digging and installing everything under the sun I found a comment on a QT bug tracker that worked for me. It might just be a bug in the particular version of Qt libs that are installed on my system, but I needed to enable Xinerama in my xorg.conf file by adding the following to the ServerLayout section:

    Option "Xinerama" "true"

    Just wanted to put this up on the forum in case it helps anybody.

  • Thanks a lot. Qt5 works normally now. I want to know how do you locate the problem?

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