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QAudioInput and sample rates on OS-X

  • Hi,

    we are using QAudioInput to read live audio from a codec at 12kHz sample frequency. On Windows and *nix this works just fine as I believe both the Microsoft Waveform Audio Interface and PulseAudio automatically re-sample (in this case a trivial function from 48kHz to 12kHz).

    On OS-X selecting 12kHz as a sample frequency doesn't work, in fact only the sample frequencies directly supported by the hardware directly seem to be supported. Looking at the Mac docs it seems that to get equivalent functionality the AUConverter module needs to be inserted into the audio stack using the AUGraph module to make a new Audio Unit with rate conversion abilities.

    Am I missing something here or do we have to modify our application to use 48kHz sample frequency and do the re-sampling ourselves.


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