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Differences between scratchbox simulation and nokia sdk 1.0.2.

  • Hello all,

    I created my application on Suse 11.1.
    I had scratchbox installed on it. I've build my application under linux and tested it.
    Than I git cloned it to scratchbox and tested it.
    After some minor layout problems I build with sbox-FREMANTLE_ARMEL and send exe to my phone.
    It ran great there.

    Now I cloned the project to a windows PC with Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.2.
    Tried to run it there under the simulator. ...I saw nothing.
    No QMessageBox with a message and after that the window layout was not showing.
    What is happening here?

    I made a new project on the PC with some widgets on a QMainWindow and it shows...awful... but it show the screen.
    I am left with a big question mark above my head 8-), because it was my intention to go over to the PC with this project.

    The reason was that it is much easier to publish the application with the Nokia Qt SDK.

    Can someone help me with this?



  • I solved some problems.
    The most irritating was that I didn't see anything in the SDK simulator.
    That was because the app raised a QMessageBox asking some setup questions before the code reached QApplication::exec() in main.
    The question itself wasn't shown and the buttons on the QMessageBox weren't show. That in fact hung the application.
    By delaying the setup questions so the code reached QApplication::exec() first helped a lot.
    I'm using a lot of dialog boxes with buttonboxes. With a scratchbox made exe it is displayed as Done button. But in the Sdk simulator it isn't shown.
    That makes working with the SDK simulator ... a bit difficult.

    Just sharing some knowledge.



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