Qmlscene: 'import QtQuick 1.0' is no longer supported.

  • Hello
    I just created a Qt Quick UI project on Qt Creator 5.0.2 on Windows Platform, and tried to run the program.
    And the QMLScene console shows the error
    "qmlscene: 'import QtQuick 1.1' is no longer supported."
    and states the qmlscene.exe exited with code 0.
    Is there something wrong with the program, or are some libraries needed to be added on the windows platform.

    I am trying to develop applications for Ubuntu Software Store(Ubuntu Desktop Web Store),
    Is it compulsory to develop it on Ubuntu platform?
    I believe it is not because I am trying to use QML (extended Javascript and JSON),correct me if I am wrong in my assumption.

  • "qmlscene" can only show applications based on QtQuick 2.0 and later. If you change your import statements to QtQuick 2.0 it will work. If you know for sure that you are targetting QtQuick 1 for any reason, you will have to use the "qmlviewer" executable instead of "qmlscene" to test your application.

  • Thanks for the reply it solved my problem

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