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[Moved] QML vs Qt

  • Hi All,

    I am new in qt/qml.I know some basics of qt and qml. I am little bit confused with qt/qml. please tell me, when we should design our application using QT and when with QML.

    I am waiting for responses.


  • QML is part of Qt, so I think you mean QML vs standard widgets. I don't think that someone can answer on this question. All cases are unique and you should decide what you want in each case.
    QML is easier when you need some non-standard ui, but it doesn't contain yet standard elements such as button or slider. So you need to develop them yourself or use Qt Components (which are unstable now).

  • thanks for you quick reply.

  • When doing normal desktop (like a financial app or stuff like that) applications i think the standard widgets are very good and very easy to use. When your application needs a custom look across multiple platforms or a slick interface for a mobile/embedded device QML would be a better choice.

    My 2 cents

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