[SOLVED] Touch doesn't work with QtCreator

  • Hi,

    I have an embedded board with a touchscreen.
    If I start the application directly from the console, the touch works.
    (simple application, nfs mount)
    But if I start the application with the QtCreator (2.7.2), it doesn't work.

    Is there a special option or a parameter I need to set?

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    That is impossible to answer without details on the board, os it runs and your general setup.

    There are some things you can verify though: Are you using the same users on console and in creator when running your application? Does the environment differ? Does Creator and your console start the application from the same filesystem (sometimes permissions overriddes get into the way)?

  • thx for your answer.

    the environment wos the problem. on the console the variables where set but not for the Qtcreator.

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