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Bottle neck in Qt

  • I am loading my local htm file which has lots of javascript in my my qt application which is damn slow. and the worst part is when I revisit the same page it again takes same amount of time. I tried loading same file with Qt's Demo application "browser" and same result there too.
    I am trying to find what is causing this ?? can any one please let me know how can I find this bottle neck? How to do profiling? I tried valgrind but that talks more about memory stuff, Or may be I dont know how to use that as first time ever used it .

  • Is it slow in other browser as well? Maybe the javascript is inefficient.

  • I suppose you're using QWebView, and in such case you may be able to profile the loading of the various parts of the page using the Timeline tab of the QWebInspector, hope that helps.

    [edit] Sorry, I meant to say the Resources tab, not the Timeline one... [/edit]

  • I am doing this , but I am kidn of confused what should I look for in resource tab or timeline tab and what action should i take, do you mean I should tracke which script is taking more time and modify that script?

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