Arduino + qt creator

  • hello im new on this. im looking for someone that knows about using arduino with an app from qt creator. i hace the soft but i cant run it because some problems, thanks a lot

  • Hi agus kussrow.
    What do you mean by "using arduino with an app from qt creator"?
    Can you explain more?

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    There is usually some solution to some problem.

    You need what the Qt Creator documentation says. Mostly that is SSH and gdbserver on the device.

  • hi and thanks for the answers !! the application is for control 8 servos using a simulator of a robot arm ,this application use a lot of libraries like arduserialstream.h and a lot more, also to manage the simulator it needs to be connected the gamepad and the arduino. ( all this on ubuntu ) my problem is that when i compile it i have like 20 error now i have only one and it's ..... SerialPort.h : no such file or directory and i cant find the correct solution.

  • So, as i understand you try to compile some project and get errors, it's not a QtCreator issue.
    Give us more information about errors.

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