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QOpenGLFunctions_1_0 in Xcode & iOS

  • I am trying to port an old Qt project (4.5.1) to Qt 5.1 since it supports some features for iOS. The application currently runs via Qt Creator and works. I then built the application to run on the iPhone Simulator, an xcodeproj file was created as expected. I launch the xocdeproj file, build and run, and am greeted with all sorts of errors - use of undeclared identifier glBegin(), glClear(), etc. All of these methods are in "#include <QOpenGLFunctions_1_0>". This statement is not present in Qt Creator nor in Xcode. If I add it to Xcode, it doesn't do anything. I then found out that these methods are all in Cocoa's framework, GLKit. This has its own problems since it's written in Objective-C and the compiler doesn't recognize many of the directives, properties, etc.

    I've read some information about these methods being part of OpenGL ES but not the newer Open GL ES 2. I'm not sure if this is the problem or not.

    If anyone has any insight, please share. This probably isn't enough information so let me know what else is needed as well.

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