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Project Wizard with German Umlaute

  • I have translation file (.ts) templates integrated into a ProjectWizard.

    One of the templates is a German translation file (app_trans_de.ts) with the following header:
    @<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <TS version="2.0" language="de_DE">@

    One of the German translations is:

    When QtCreator has created a new project from the ProjectWizard that translation has no longer the correct German Umlaut:

    Anybody any idea how to keep the German Umlaut?

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    Ironically, Qt Creator is being developed in Germany :) Better ask this on qt-creator mailing list, or hope that Tobias will see it here.

  • Actually they are located just 500 m away from my office.
    Thanks for the hint to the mailing list.
    I will re-post it there.

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    The best way to bring problems to the attention of developers is to "file bug reports": .

    Reports to the forums tend to get ignored since it only happens by accident that the relevant developers stumble over it (and no, I am not the right one for this issue;-).

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