I have a Doubt with File Streams

  • I'm learning Qt reading a book, and I have installed Qt creator on Linux. This is my first example than probe in Qt.
    I have this code Qt about file streams:

    @//#include <QCoreApplication>
    #include <QTextStream>
    #include <QString>
    #include <QFile>

    QTextStream cout (stdout);
    QTextStream cerr (stderr);

    int main() //(int argc, char *argv[])
    // QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);

    QString str, newstr;
    QTextStream strbuf(&str);
    int lucky = 7;
    float pi = 3.14;
    double e = 2.71;
    cout << "An in-memory stream" << endl;
    strbuf << "pi : "<< pi << endl
           << "luckynumber: " << lucky<< endl
           << " e : " << e << endl;
    cout << str;
    QFile data("mydata");
    QTextStream out(&data);
    out << str ;
    cout << "Read data from the file - watch for errors. " << endl;
    if (data.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly)) {
        QTextStream in(&data);
        float pi2;
        in >> newstr >> pi2;// *it seems Problem in this point- NOTE_1*
        if (pi2 != pi)
            cerr << "ERROR! wrong " << newstr << pi2 << endl;
            cout << newstr << "OK" << endl;
        int lucky2;
        in >> newstr >> lucky2;

    /* if (pi2 != pi)
    cerr << "ERROR! Wrong " << newstr << pi2 << endl;
    cout << newstr << lucky2 << endl;//" OK" << endl;

        double e2;
        in >> newstr >> e2;
        if (e2 != e)
            cerr << "ERROR! Wrong " << newstr << e2 << endl;
            cout << newstr << " OK" << endl;
    cout << "Read from file line-by-line" << endl;
    if (data.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly)){
        QTextStream in(&data);
        while (not in.atEnd()) {
            newstr = in.readLine();
            cout << newstr << endl;
    return 0;//a.exec&#40;&#41;;


    and when i save, compile and run, get it:

    An in-memory stream
    pi : 3.14
    luckynumber : 7
    e : 2.71
    Read data from the file - watch from errors.
    ERROR! wrong pi0
    ERROR! wrong .140
    Read from file line-by-line
    pi : 3.14
    luckynumber : 7
    e : 2.71
    Press <RETURN> to close this window...

    NOTE_1: my question is: Why the value of pi can't be copied in pi2?

    Thanks in advance


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    this just can't work.
    You write a single string to the file. But later you try to read a string and a float.

    QTextStream out(&data);
    out << str ;

    QTextStream in(&data);
    float pi2;
    in >> newstr >> pi2;

    And don't use QTextStream then, instead use QDataStream (since you obviously want to stream other types than text only).

  • From QTextStream doc:

    bq. There are three general ways to use QTextStream when reading text files:

    • Chunk by chunk, by calling readLine() or readAll().
    • Word by word. QTextStream supports streaming into QStrings, QByteArrays and char* buffers. Words are delimited by space, and leading white space is automatically skipped.
    • Character by character, by streaming into QChar or char types. This method is often used for convenient input handling when parsing files, independent of character encoding and end-of-line semantics. To skip white space, call skipWhiteSpace().

    Which means that you should remove extra white spaces or serialize data somehow.

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