How to switch mouse control between screens ?

  • Hi,

    working on embedded linux.
    I started two application instances each outputs to different frame buffers.

    system("/opt/dvr_rdk/ti810x/bin/myapplication1 -qws hdmi0 hdmi1 -display LinuxFb:/dev/fb0 &");
    system("/opt/dvr_rdk/ti810x/bin/myapplication2 -qws hdmi0 hdmi1 -display LinuxFb:/dev/fb2 &");

    /dev/fb0 corresponds to HDMI and /dev/fb2 corresponds to composite out. The mouse control is default to /dev/fb0.
    How could I switch the mouse control between these two applications ?


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    IIRC, it's the first server started that takes control of the mouse/keyboard, did you try to first call myapplication2 ?

  • Hi,

    But i need to switch the control to myapplication2 from myapplication1. I mean from code of myapplication1 upon a specific user input i want to switch control to myapplication2. ( actually need to switch between these two apps )

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