QSqlTableModel question

  • Greetings,
    I am using a Postgresql database with my c++ application. My tables have a sequence key field defined. So when you insert a record, it autogens a unique key field value.

    Lets say I have a table in my database called cars, and cars has a key field named car_id that is auto generated.

    I have a variable defined for the cars table called ttable it is of type QSqlTableModel. My question is : When I call the ttable->insertRecord(-1, myRecord), should mRecord NOT have a cars_id field? Or should it be there but with a 0 or negative value?

    thanks for any guidance.

  • Answer my own question.
    You can leave the cars_id field in the mRecord as insertRecord, followed by submitAll() will do the right thing.

  • When using auto increment fields you should pass NULL as the value of the auto increment field and the database will fill it with proper number.

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