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Newbie: slot does not fire; Breakpoint does not halt

  • Hi,

    I have installed Qt Creator 2.7.2 for Qt 5.1.0 . But I don't have MSVC, so I use MinGW. I followed the Instructions of the TextFinder Tutorial, but when I run the program, the textEdit stays empty. I placed breakpoints on loadTextFile(); and on on_findButton_clicked(); but the program does not halt there when it starts or when I click the find button.

    Please help


  • welcome to devnet

    Do you have compiled with debug?
    How do you start your application in creator?
    You need to press the green triangle with the bug atop on the left for debugging. The green triangle without bug does run the process only. Breakpoints will have no influence.

  • Thanks a lot.

    I had used the wrong run button: the green triangle without bug. So the breakpoints did not halt. textEdit had stayed empty because loadTextFile did not find my file since it had an additional extension.

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