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QPainter::drawArc: is there a similar function for QPainterPath?

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    As you can see at image, I established a "complex" structure drawn with some arcs. Its maked ease with some calculus (2 arcs and 1 line for each one):

    (blah blah)
    painter->drawArc(inner, initarc * 16, endarc * 16);
    painter->drawLine(initPoint, endPoint);

    Now, I would like brushing its area using QPainterPath. In order to make more easy this stuff, I ask: is there some way to reuse all the calculus maked for painter to create a QPainterPath and brush inner region?

    Something like: painter->drawArc(rectangle, angle1, angle2) = QPainterPath::drawArc(same parameters).

    I tryied with @QPainterPath::arcTo @ and @QPainterPath::arcMoveTo @ and didn't work.

    Thank you.

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