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[solved] QT 4.8 + OS X 10.6 or above + sparkle framework : How to integrate and deploy ?

  • Currently I am developing a QT based app which I want to deploy on windows, linux/ubuntu & OS X 10.6 or above. I want the app to auto update itself. I have already done the job for ubuntu which was pretty straight forward. For OSX I came across Sparkle framework. But I could not find any guide to using it properly with QT creator and my qt project. I am very new to this all can you all please help me with it.

    Setup :
    OS X : 10.6
    QT : 4.8
    Sparkle framework

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For the integration part, you can link Sparkle like any other framework.
    To mix it with Qt you'll have to use Objective-C++ (mixing objective-c and c++ in the same file)

    Create a C++ interface to talk with Sparkle from your main program, that can be a QObject and do all the operations related to Sparkle in the implementation file.

    Hope it helps

  • Hi SGaist ,

    I am pretty new to this, can you point me to a basic tutorial/example of this. Any example which accomplish the same goal will work for me.

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    "This": is an example about mixing Qt and Cocoa and it has the benefit of using Sparkle

    Hope it helps

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