Little typo on the doc

  • On this page :

    It says :

    @#include <QPrintDialog>@

    but I did both a build of Qt5.1.1 using git, and a download of the Qt binaries on the website, and on the both cases, the print related sutff seems to be in :

    @#include <QtPrintSupport/QPrintDialog>@

    I think other print-related pages might be affected too, but I didn't find any way to leave a comment on the documentation pages ?


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    What happens when you add this to your pro file:
    QT += printsupport

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    That is not a typo. Qt headers should not need to show the relevant subfolders.

    This is the recommended way of including Qt headers:
    #include <QDialog>
    #include <QPrintDialog>

    ...while this is also possible:
    #include <QtWidgets/QDialog>
    #include <QtPrintSupport/QPrintDialog>

    Have you added "QT += printsupport" to your .pro file? (You need to do this for all modules that you use, except Qt Core and Qt GUI)

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