Qt 5.1 for Android: Events being dropped in MultiPointTouchArea

  • Hello

    I'm using the latest release of the Qt SDK and I'm able to successfully deploy my QtQuick2 test app to the target device I have available here. However, the performance of multi touch events is an issue. The events received through MultiPointTouchArea are noticeably jumpy, and from enabling the touch tracer in the dev tools menu in the Android settings app, it's easy to tell that most of the events are being simply dropped.

    I'm not quite sure if this is relevant, but the console always shows the following:
    @W/dalvikvm(19199): dvmFindClassByName rejecting 'org/qtproject/qt5/android/QtNativeInputConnection'@

    Is this a known issue? Is there a way to improve on this? It's a pity, because apart from that my app is running very smoothly and it's easy to tell that everyone behind Qt5 and the Android port has done a most execellent job :D

    Thanks for the help,

  • No one else seems to be experiencing this? :(
    I searched the public bug tracker but I found nothing.
    Should I report a bug?

  • Sure, fire a BUG report, but don't forget sample code to reproduce it...

  • lpcamargo, did you report a bug already?
    I can confirm this issue. Performance of multitouch is driving me crazy!

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