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Where is the older Qt offline installer for Linux?

  • Hey guys,

    Currently I'm working on a project which was developed in Qt 4.8. I decided to give it a go on Linux. So I looked into my archive and found Qt 4.8.0 Linux installer (.run executable). Everything's ok but I want to compile it using the latest 4.8 version i.e Qt 4.8.4. So I looked for it every where on the net but it seems that it's been removed from all of the Qt repositories. On Qt Project archive I can find all installers/source codes for each version and platform except the Linux offline installers (which is only available for Qt5). What's going on? Is it related to the Qt being transferred from Nokia to Digia and Qt Project?
    Unfortunately my development PC is not connected to the Internet and the offline installer seems the most feasible way to install Qt SDK!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Moderators

    Old Nokia SDK has been discontinued. Qt Project is now using a new SDK, but it serves Qt5 only.

    You can download "Qt libraries (4.8.5)":http://qt-project.org/downloads from Qt Project download page, and any older version from the "archives":http://download.qt-project.org/archive/qt/.

  • So you mean it's absolutely impossible to find Qt 4.8.4 offline installer for Linux on the Internet? :-(
    That's so sad!

  • Moderators

    Not in a for of SDK. But you can just download Qt libraries, they work with any Qt Creator version. And compilers are not a problem on Linux. What is the issue, then?

  • I haven't tried Qt Libraries before. So you mean I just need to install Qt Libraries and then Qt Creator and configure it to use gcc on Linux? That's it?

  • Moderators

    Yes. In fact, most probably Qt Creator will configure itself automatically.

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