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What would prevent a dropEvent from triggering?

  • I'm using Window 7, 64-bit OS. I'm trying to do a drag and drop between two QTreeWidgets. What would prevent a dropEvent from triggering and how do I fix it?

  • There is not much information you give us, so a lot of things can be wrong .....

    • Could be a missing setAcceptDrops(true).
    • Could be a wrong implementation of the method dragEnterEvent.
    • ...

    You should give us a bit more information, e.g. a bit code showing the relevant parts :)

  • Moderators

    as addition to PeerS:
    Did you implement the 3 drag-n-drop event handlers? If so, please show the code.
    It also may be an installed event filter which filters the event for the widget, etc.

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