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Third party Qt components website: a useful idea?

  • In a "small quest": to find a workable Calendar widget I noticed first hand that there doesn't seem to a good central website that gives an overview of what third party components are available for Qt, under what licence, and where to find them. Yes, there is, but that site:

    • is not really focussed on Qt components
    • does not categorize properly
    • only deals with open source it seems
    • is very incomplete

    I noticed the same lack in other threads here. On the other hand, I sometimes see very interesting components come by that I'd like to keep track of. It seems there is a hole that might be inviting to jump into. It seems to me that having a decent website presenting what third party Qt components there are would be a benefit. I have been thinking about it a bit, and came up with some things that I think it should feature:

    • Tries to be complete.
    • Include Qt components, widgets, QML elements.
    • Components user-ratable per version (like in Apple's app store) and commentable
    • Good categorization. Perhaps based on tags?
    • Present options per (logical) component, as well as per library or module that may contain multiple components
    • Information on licences, pricing, platform availability, etc.
    • Maintainers can claim "ownership" of a library, but component entries can be added and maintained by admin as well

    What do you think? Am I missing something? Did I overlook something that's already there and works ok? Did I miss must-haves for this to be useable? Do you think such a thing would be feasable?

    I am interested in hearing your comments.

  • Sound like a great initiative and quite useful.

  • Integrated into DevNet would be great, but in that case, I think it is not going to happen any time soon. Not contain applications: I agree in principle, though sometimes there is a thin line between a library and an application. An overview of third party applications that can help you with Qt development would be useful, but indeed, I guess out of scope.

  • one comment: let's make it ! :D

    if you need help i did a lot of php and jquery a few years ago

  • How is it going to be different from or similar websites?

  • Well... I did list some, IMHO, shortcommings of in my openingpost. However, I am curious about the similar websites you mentioned. Which other websites do you know of that feature Qt components? If there's one that's even remotely good, I'd be more than happy not to start something like this.

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