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[WORKED AROUND]-XOR Cursor on the Mac

  • Hi,

    I see in the documentation that XOR only works for Cursor bit maps on Windows. I confirmed that it does not currently work on the Mac.

    So how do all you good folks out there do this on the Mac? Can anyone suggest a platform independent way to do this or must it be "hard" coded for the Mac?

    Any ideas?

  • OK, thanks anyway.

    I guess I must resort to redesigning my hairline cursors to look good with a halo around them.

    Still open to suggestions though.

    Appeal to the developers... please fix the XOR cursor masking on the Mac.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What do you mean by currently ?

    If it's a regression/lost functionality you can open a "bug report"

    Qt's developer/maintainers are rarely found on this forum, it's more user oriented so your appeal will be lost

  • Hello,

    I saw some discussion about the fact that the XOR does not "currently" work on the Mac platform. Sorry, but I can't remember the date on that. That was when the docs were changed to reflect that. I think I will go look for it again and make an appeal there.

    Thanks for the nudge.

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