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Having trouble trying to configure Qt Mobility when Qt has VS 2008 binaries

  • Hi All;
    Im trying to build the Qt Mobility Api. I'm on Windows 7 and i have the Qt built for VS2008 binaries installed. WHen i go to run the configure step it returns "Cannot find 'nmake', 'mingw32-make' or 'make' in your PATH". i have explicitly called out nmake in the path environment variable and mingw is not present because i'm using the precompiled Qt for VS 2008. I looked around for the answer and found that in an earlier version this issue was caused by a problem in the configure file. However it looks like this has been fixed. What else could be causing this? what can i do to fix this?

    Thanks for any help.

  • If you are on your command line, can you call nmake of cl.exe from MSVS2008?

  • Do you use "Visual Studio Console" for building? If not, run it from Start menu->Programs->Visual Studio 2008->Visual Studio Tools , all needed environment variables will be set there.

  • I am using the VS console. here is the dump from the console command line:

    C:\qtmobility>configure -prefix C:\qt\4.7.1
    Checking available Qt
    Checking make
    Cannot find 'nmake', 'mingw32-make' or 'make' in your PATH

    i tried "configure -vc" with the same result.
    I tried from a standard command line and set the path variable with the following command:
    C:\qtmobility>set PATH=%PATH%;"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin"

    same result.

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