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Ultra newbie Signal Slot question

  • Hi,

    Done lots of RTFM, but would hugely appreciate a tiny bit of starter code which would help me get my head around signals and slots.

    I have a QString variable in my app class, and an LineEdit widget in the ui. Call these myString and myLineEdit.

    I'd like to set up a two-way link as follows: if the user edits the string in the UI, myString should be updated accordingly. Likewise, I'd like a function, e.g. SetString(QString newString) which can be called by other code - updating myString and updating the displayed text in myLineEdit.

    The first part I can handle I think, the second part presumably means I have to get 'SetString' to emit a signal which needs to be connected to a slot of myLineEdit. (?)

    Struggling somewhat to work out both syntax and best-practice - any advice most welcome, thanks in advance.

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    class MyClass : public QWidget
    // ...
    public slots:
    void setString(const QString &newString);
    QString getString() const;

    // optional:
    myStringChanged(const QString &newString);

    QString myString;

    // Now, .cpp file:
    MyClass::MyClass(QWidget *parent) : QWidget(parent)
    connect(myLineEdit, SIGNAL(textChanged(QString)), this, SLOT(setString(QString));

    MyClass::setString(const QString &string)
    myString = string;

    if (myLineEdit.text() != string) {

    This should do all you wanted to be done :) This is of course only one of many ways to do the job.

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