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What structure and name for the KDSoap installation?

  • After installing KDSoap I have a the folder "kdsoap" under "C:". This may be logical after following this instruction in step 1:

    bq. To define the install-location use for example;
    configure.bat -shared -debug -prefix c:/kdsoap
    ./configure.sh -shared -debug -prefix /opt/kdsoap

    But at the same time, in step 6 the instructions says:

    bq. 6) (optionally:) Install KD SOAP:
    From your top-level KD SOAP directory just type
    make install # Unix,
    nmake install # Windows
    This will copy the necessary files into the sub-directories of your installation path:
    For Unix/Linux, Mac: /usr/local/KDAB/KDSoap-VERSION/
    For Windows that is: C:\KDAB\KDSoap-VERSION\

    I don't have any "KDAB" under "C:", just "kdsoap". Nor do I have any subfolder called "KDSoap-VERSION", just subfolders like "bin", "include", "lib" and "mkspecs".

    If you also have installed KDSoap, what structure and name for the KDSoap installation do you have under"C:"?

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    I would say that since you gave a prefix when configuring, the folder name part of step 6 won't apply.

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